Here will always go to there

Google Maps image of the PATH train between Manhattan and Newark.
The PATH is now displayed, making it’s strange branching route between Newark, Jersey City, Hoboken, and Manhattan. However the entire Hudson Bergen Light Rail, Newark Light Rail, and no fewer than nine New Jersey Transit lines are invisible.
A side by side comparison of Apple and Google Maps zoomed in on Chicago’s Loop. Apple Maps has train lines sitting cleanly against each other while Google’s lines are scattered and confusing, covering many of the city blocks.
The tidy lines and clean station transfers of Apple Maps versus Google’s punchbowl with little M’s floating on the surface like pieces of fruit.
A Google Maps image of Baltimore, Maryland, showing the Green Line subway but not the light rail
The heavy rail Green Line is visible, but Baltimore’s Light Rail Link which is twice as long as the Green Line, and connects to the busiest airport in the region and the 8th busiest train station in the country is nowhere to be seen.
Three Google Maps images showing Richmond, Indianapolis, and Albuquerque with no transit shown.
Three of the finest bus rapid transit lines in the country, somewhere.
A side by side comparison of the mobile and desktop view of Google Maps after selecting a station on Pittsburgh’s East Busway. On mobile a purple line is shown depicting the bus’s route, on desktop no information is offered.
While the busiest busway in the country, Pittsburgh’s East Busway, is not normally notable enough for Google to mark it in any way the routes do appear when a stop is selected on the mobile app. On desktop this same information is unavailable.




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Alexandra Rose

Alexandra Rose

transit oriented poster

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